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by John Ross
Two Rivers Emporium LLC
Pinedale, Wyoming
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  • The ice is finally gone.
  • Runoff will start hot and heavy soon on the Green.
  • New Fork River is extremely low, but the fishing is great.
  • Soda Lake fishing is fair.
The dry fly fishing is great!
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Fishing report from
Two Rivers Emporium LLC


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Floating the Green River

Fishing the New Fork River

Two Rivers Emporium in Pinedale. Photo by Pinedale Online.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Fishing Report

The ice is finally gone and things are starting to fish around the Pinedale area.

The Green River:
The Green has been fluctuating quite a bit with cold one week and warm the next, the flows are around 500 cfs which is great for fishing. Black Caddis have been hatching here and there and a few Stonefly shucks along the river. Overall the fishing is good, I think a few warm days will change that and the runoff will start hot and heavy.

Flies for the Green:
Black Elk hair Caddis # 12 to 14
Pheasant Tail Nymphs # 12 to 14
Golden Stone Nymphs # 8 to 10
Zuddlers any color # 4
Big Horn Special # 4 to 6
Yuk Bugs any color # 4 to 6

New Fork River:
The New Fork is extremely low but is fishing great, the rainbows are starting to fan out there redds and there are nice browns eating eggs below them! It doesn’t look like the river is going to come up in the near future, the Ranchers are trying to get the lake filled so it may be early June before you can float.

Flies for the New Fork:
Glow Bugs
Zuddlers any color # 4
Wooly Buggers any color # 4 to 6
Yuk Bugs any color # 4 to 6

Soda Lake:
The lake is fishing fair; reports from opening day were good to fair. The lake is also five feet low so the oxygen levels are not far from the surface. The trout in the lake will be closer to the surface than normal years until the lake fills.

Flies for Soda:
Chironomids Black or Red # 16
Scuds all colors # 12 to 16
BH Prince # 14 to 18
Platte River Special # 4 to 6
Orange Blossum Special # 4 to 6

Have a great fishing day!

This report will be updated as often as the bugs change, so we change it weekly throughout the summer months.

John Ross
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Tight Lines,
John Ross

P.S. If you have a good fish story, or any questions on fly fishing, give us a call at 1-800-329-4353 or e-mail me at 2rivers@trib.com. I always like to hear about the big one that got away!

The Hatch Report is provided to Pinedale Online by Two Rivers Emporium LLC in Pinedale, Wyoming. Two Rivers Emporium LLC, an authorized Orvis dealer, is owned and operated by John Ross, a professional guide with over 20 years experience. Two Rivers Emporium floats areas of the Green and New Fork Rivers from Green River Lakes to Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Western Wyoming. They also have private property access that offers good cutthroat and rainbow trout fishing. This report is updated weekly through the fishing season and can be heard on Pinedale's KPIN Radio as well as found on John's web site, www.2rivers.net.

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