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  • Spring has sprung.
  • Green River is muddy.
  • New Fork River fishing good. Streamers and large rubber leg nymphs working well.
  • Soda Lake opens May 10th. Ice is off.
  • Boulder Lake is now ice free.
  • We may be fishing our salmon fly hatch in early July on the Green River this year.
for May 7, 2001
by John Ross
Two Rivers Emporium LLC
Pinedale, Wyoming

Hatch Report
May 7, 2001

Our spring has sprung in the area, this means the Green will be muddy and probably won’t fish until the low country snow pack runs the river clear.

The New Fork is fishing good, streamers and large rubber leg nymphs are working well. The migratory fish have not really moved in yet but there are a number of fish in the river from Pinedale to the East Fork.

Soda Lake opens May 10th. The ice is off the lake-this is a first in 3 years. The browns and brookies should be healthy and aggressive with the ice coming off early.

Boulder Lake is the first large lake in the area to be ice free, the reports from it is good fishing for rainbows and lakers in the inlet and outlet areas.

Normal years we can’t get on the Green River till mid-July. This year I think we should be fishing our Salmon Fly hatch in early July. This just doesn’t happen very often, I have seen it about 4 times in 23 years. Be sure to contact us on this hatch, I think it will be a good one!

The New Fork River always seems to fish early because of the dam control on it. This in not a tail-water but the dam (20 miles upstream from the first put in) seems to keep the water good and clear with abundant bugs. By Fathers Day the river will have Blue Wings and March Browns and soon to come the Golden Stones. The dry fly fishing can be red hot in the early season.

The Gray Drakes are next to come on both rivers and most of the smaller streams in the area. By mid-July the town of Pinedale is covered with this over sized Mayfly. Our dry fly fishing will remain great through mid-August.

This report will be updated as often as the bugs change, so we change it weekly throughout the summer months.

Remember you get twice the hook penetration if you fish barbless and fish are a lot easier to release barbless.

Until next time, catch and release.

Save some fish for the next angler!

Tight Lines,
John Ross

P.S. If you have a good fish story, or any questions on fly fishing, e-mail me at 2rivers@trib.com. I always like to hear about the big one that got away!

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