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Assistant Meat Manager/Assistant Butcher
Obo’s Market & Deli

Title:Assistant Meat Manager/Assistant Butcher
Description:Obo’s Market & Deli LLC is offering a unique opportunity for a career-minded, hard-working individual in our Specialty Meats department. As the Assistant Meat Manager/Assistant Butcher, you will be trained by Neal Nelson in all aspects of the meat business. Neal has both extensive experience in the meat business and outstanding interpersonal skills with both customers and fellow employees.

You will work with Neal closely to learn everything necessary to being a successful butcher and manager. These include: the various cuts of meat, how to trim meat to personal specifications, food handling and safety regulation regulations, how to price and margin various cuts of meat, and the standards of customer service and satisfaction which have always been vital to Obo’s continued success.

More specifically, the following are important elements of this job:
--ordering product from our suppliers --cleaning and maintain equipment
--wrapping meat in safe and appealing manner
--"meeting" delivery trucks which involves lifting 60-80 pound boxes
--most tasks involve standing up for extended periods
--must be a good listener to directions and from customers to deliver top quality performance
--responsibility for stocking and merchandising product in the Specialty Grocery department (which primarily supports our meat department)
--shared responsibility for the cleanliness and appearance of the Meat and Specialty Grocery Departments

The compensation associated with this position depends on the extent and nature of your work experience. However, no minimum experience requirements are set; instead a highly-motivated, eager to learn and succeed attitude, and positive approach will be considered to be sufficient.

The job will require 40 hours per week. It also requires that your schedule will include regular shifts on both Saturday and Sunday.

We are very eager to meet any/all individuals who are interested in learning more. You may get an application by emailing Patty Washburn at

Company:Obo’s Market & Deli
Post Date:7/5/2023
Close Date:Open Until Filled
Location:Pinedale, Wyoming

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