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Lightning started fire
Lightning sparked fire near 
Half Moon Mountain
Photo by Pinedale Online!

July Updates:
July 27th - The fires begin
July 22nd - Old Timer's Picnic & Pinedale All Class Reunion
July 14th - Ah Summer!
July 7th - Rendezvous!
July 2nd - Rendezvous is almost here

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July 27th - The fires begin...

Although we aren't experiencing anything like many other states, wildfires are starting to touch close to home here too. Lightning storms passing through yesterday afternoon sparked a blaze southwest of Half Moon Mountain which sent up a column of thick billowing smoke darkening the sky over town and obscuring the Wind River Mountains. Firefighters from the Forest Service, BLM and Sublette County all responded to combat the blaze which reached approximately 900 acres in size. This morning, the fire was mostly under control according to Pinedale District Ranger Bob Reese, except for a small corner which was being burned off. The Bridger-Teton National Forest has had several other small fires recently, but none major. To date, no campfire restrictions are in effect, however that may change if weather conditions worsen very much more. The Forest Service asked us to remind forest users that we are experiencing historic dryness levels, and people need to be extremely careful with fires and cigarettes. In addition, visitors are reminded that fireworks are prohibited in all of Sublette County.

View from mile and 1/2 south of PinedaleView from Pole Creek Road

Pinedale residents Darla & Roger Hunter won a ride in the Pepsi hot air balloon during Rendezvous earlier this month, sponsored by the Sublette County Victim Assistance Program. The ride was to be given on Rendezvous Sunday, but the weather did not permit it. The Pepsi hot air balloon floats over Pinedale last weekendThe Hunters got their ride last Saturday morning from Suzanne Crossley in her 8-story high balloon floating the skies above Pinedale for about an hour.

The Wyoming Game & Fish Deparment has confirmed that a pack of wolves and an adult female grizzly bear with 2 cubs are in the Upper Green River area. Over the past 2 months, 4 livestock kills have been attributed to probable grizzly bear predations. A calf, one yearling and one ewe fell prey last week in the Elk Ridge and Pinion Ridge areas. Another calf was killed earlier in June. Game & Fish officials aren't sure if the bears were responsible for the initial attack on the animals or just feeding on the carcasses, and no control actions against the bears have been initiated at this time.

The Wind River Archers will hold their Summer 3D Shoot this Saturday & Sunday at the Archery Range on Skyline Drive. Registration is from 8-11 am on Saturday & Sunday. There will be 35 3-D targets, maximum 50 yard. Food & concessions will be available. Call 307-537-5481 or 307-367-6521 for more information.

Sublette County Fair events kick off Saturday night at 7 pm with Louie Wardell Memorial Roping in the Ag Center Arena. The Open Carriage Driving Competition will be held on Sunday at 11 am. Click here for the Fair Schedule.

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Upcoming Events:
July 29th & 30th Wind River Archers Summer 3D Shoot
July 29th  Louis Wardell Memorial Roping, Ag Center Arena, 7 pm
July 29th-August 6thSublette County Fair, Big Piney
August 5th-August 6th2000 Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake

The cactus are in bloom
The cactus are in bloom
Photo by Pinedale Online!

Saturday, July 22nd - Old Timer's Picnic & Pinedale High School Reunion

About 130 people, young and old, attended the annual Old Timer's Picnic at the historic old Daniel Schoolhouse last Saturday for great food and toe-tapping to the tunes of an impromptu locals' sagebrush band. 

Welcome back to all you Pinedale High School alumni attending the Pinedale All Class Reunion! There's a dance tonight from 8 until midnight at the Fire Hall parking lot and the golf scramble starts tomorrow at 9 am.

Last Sunday Tour de Wyoming cyclists arrived in Pinedale after completing the first leg of their 380-mile, 6 day, tour of Wyoming. Starting in Jackson on Sunday morning, more than 150 cyclists rode into Pinedale and spent the night camped in tents on the lawn of the Pinedale Middle and High Schools and took in local events. Locals Dale Hill and Dave Bell assisted with the Pinedale stop arrangements. The Tour de Wyoming cyclists left on Monday morning for Lander.

For more details about these stories and more, read the Sublette County Journal stories at left!

Rendezvous 2000 Slide Show
Photos by the Sublette County Journal
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Upcoming Events:
July 21-23 Pinedale High School All Class Reunion
July 29th-30 Wind River Archers Summer 3D Shoot
July 29th  Louis Wardell Memorial Roping, Ag Center Arena, 7 pm
July 29th-August 6th Sublette County Fair, Big Piney

Wildflowers of the Wyoming Range
Wildflowers of the Wyoming Range
Photo by Pinedale Online!

Update, Friday, July 14th - Ah, summer!

The first Rendezvous of the new millennium is over, and what a great weekend it was! Dr. Fred Gowans led history enthusiasts on a bus tour of historic fur trade sites in Sublette County. Michael "Bad Hand" Terry was back again for presentations on the Plains Indians, sponsored by the Pinedale Fine Arts Council. The Museum of the Mountain Man Green River Rendezvous Pageant on Saturday brought a large crowd, and was once again sponsored by McMurry. The Traders Row tents had many interesting items for sale, as well as demonstrations of skills including blacksmithing, fire starting and moccasin making. We thank the traders for their commitment to authenticity in the wares that they sold and the clothing that they wore. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year for Rendezvous 2001! 

The 18th annual Old Timer's Picnic is this Sunday, July 19th, at high noon at the historic old Daniel Schoolhouse. Everyone is invited, young & old!

The Sublette County Fair is only a couple of weeks away, July 29-August 6th. The Louie Wardell Memorial Roping kicks off the event on Saturday the 29th at the new Roping Arena. On Sunday, a Carriage Driving competition will be held. Then, throughout the week, there will be exhibits of arts & crafts, culinary projects and hundreds of displays, along with many animal displays throughout the week. The Fair theme this year is, "Party with the Animals". 

Fly fishermen: John Ross, Two Rivers Emporium, reports that the grasshoppers have started hatching about 2 weeks early. He says this is a time that makes fishing easy even for those who have no casting talent. You can read John's weekly summer hatch reports on his web site at: www.2rivers.net.

Wolves: The the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service reports that 2 packs of gray wolves have been confirmed in the Upper Green River/Union Pass area. So far, no wolf depridations have been reported in the area. 

The Pinedale Sporting Clays and Big Piney Gun Club are hosting the Wyoming State NSCA Shoot today, July 14th through Sunday, July 16th, at the Big Piney Gun Club. 

History Buffs:
There's more and more Sublette County history information being placed online all the time. Here are some of the pages online on the Big Piney web site:

History of Big Piney 1885-1920
Uinta County Irrigation Project
Sublette County Goes to War (Ann Noble)
Sublette County Veterans Page

Pinedale Fine Arts Council:
On Sunday, July 16th, the PFAC will be sponsoring Pinedale's first Shakespeare in the Park, with the Wyoming Shakespeare Company performing a westernized version of "The Taming of the Shrew" at the American Legion Park at 3 pm. The performance will include live musicians. The performance is free, but donations would be appreciated. On Wednesday, July 19th, Bob Berkey will lead an open play reading of Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie" at 7:30 pm in the Lovatt Meeting Room of the Sublette County Library in Pinedale. 

Upcoming Events:
July 16th 19th Annual Old Timer's Picnic, high noon at the Daniel School House
July 16th Shakespeare in the Park, A westernized version of The Taming of the Shrew. 3 pm, American Legion Park
July 21-23 Pinedale High School All Class Reunion

Photo by Pinedale Online!

Update, Friday, July 7th
Fire danger has jumped from moderate to high on the forest. The Forest Service has not yet placed any restrictions on campfires in campgrounds, but there may be some restrictions on State and BLM campgrounds. Fire danger has jumped to highCheck with the proper administrative office for the area you plan to be in for any current restrictions. Many of the larger campgrounds have campground hosts who can provide information about current conditions. 

We're into our summer weather pattern of beautiful calm mornings that build up to afternoon thundershowers. Picnics are best planned for early in the day. Anyone hiking in the backcountry should bring along clothing to layer for inclement weather. Sunscreen and bugspray are a good idea too. Cell phones won't work in many areas of the high country, so don't count on that being your tool to get help if an emergency arises in the wilderness.

There's lots going on this weekend for Rendezvous! See the Schedule of Events for complete details of events. Don't miss the parade down main street at 10 am on Saturday. The Rendezvous Pageant is Saturday at 1 pm (FREE!). Below are highlights of some of the other events going on this weekend:

Miniature Art Sale (through Sunday)
Works by Mixed Media Local Artists at the Museum

Traders Row & Rendezvous Camp (Sat-Sun)
Next to the Chamber Hut

Faire Wynds Entertainment (Fri & Sat)
At the Museum

6th Annual Pelt & Plew Social & Buffalo Feast
(Fri) 5 pm at the Museum

Beard Cutting FUNdraiser (Sat) Stockman's
4 pm

DeSmet Mass at DeSmet Monument (Sun)
10 am, past Daniel on Hwy 189

Meet Me on the Green!
Parade Saturday 10 am, Rendezvous Pageant 1 pm!
Michael Terry programs throughout the weekend.

The Pinedale High School All-Class Reunion 2000 is scheduled for July 21st-23rd. Anyone who attended the Pinedale schools is welcome. Registration begins Friday, July 21st between 5-7 pm at the High School. Events planned include a picnic on Saturday, a dance with live band Saturday night, and an alumni Golf Scramble Sunday morning at 9 am. Roxanna Jensen is the primary contact person and director for the reunion. For more information visit the reunion web site, www.wyoming.com/pinedalereunion
Reunion e-mail: reunion@wyoming.com

Are you interested in the history of Sublette County? Two new resources are now available which may interest you: 

Online Photo History of Sublette County: The Sublette County Historic Preservation Board has been working since May, 1998 to find and computerize photographs that document the history of Sublette County and its residents. Over 5000 images have been collected and scanned for this photo history project and can now be viewed online. This project is the work of many dedicated volunteers and the web page work to organize and build the pages to view these photographs involve many hours of custom programming. Eventually, descriptions and comments will be added in, but for now the pictures have to stand alone.

Index to the Pinedale Roundup: Judi Meyers has spent many hours compiling indices for the news articles in the Pinedale Roundup. These indices are now available in a 4 volume collection. 
Volume I: Pinedale Roundup 1904-1929 ($12.00)
Volume II: Pinedale Roundup 1930-1954 and Smoke Signals 1952-1954 ($12.00)
Volume III: Pinedale Roundup & Big Piney Roundup 1955-1979 ($12.00)
Volume IV: Pinedale Roundup & Big Piney Roundup 1980-1999 ($16.00)
These indices have been compiled to aid historical and family researchers, with every effort being made to include stories of interest to descendants. The Roundup's are available on microfilm at the Sublette County Library and the Museum of the Mountain Man in Pinedale, and the Wyoming State Archives, Historical Department in Cheyenne. A $4.00 postage and handling fee per book  will be added to US orders. Please e-mail support@pinedaleonline.com for details on these books. Books can be purchased at Office Outlet in Pinedale, Wyoming, 43 S. Sublette, (307) 367-6763.

Upcoming Events:
July 8th Rendezvous Breakfast, 7-10 am Pinedale Community Church, 113 S Maybell
July 8th Rendezvous Parade, 10 am
July 8th Rendezvous Bar-B-Q, 11 am
July 8th Rendezvous Pageant, 1 pm FREE!
July 8th Big Piney Class of 1970 Class Reunion
July 16th 19th Annual Old Timer's Picnic, high noon at the Daniel School House
July 16th Shakespeare in the Park, A westernized version of The Taming of the Shrew. 3 pm, American Legion Park
July 21-23 Pinedale High School All Class Reunion

Rendezvous Days are almost here!
Photo by Pinedale Online!

Update July 2nd, Rendezvous is almost here!
Rendezvous events start on Thursday, July 6th. At 7 pm the Rendezvous Rodeo will be held at the Pinedale Rodeo Grounds. Also at 7 pm, the Museum of the Mountain Man presents a lecture of Fur Trade Sites in Sublette County by Dr. Fred Gowans. This will be followed by a bus tour field trip on Friday afternoon from 1 pm - 5 pm. See the Schedule of Events for complete details of events.

Pinedale's Public Radio station, KUWX, is now on the air broadcasting on 90.9. Music will include contemporary, bluegrass, folk and jazz with live performance features by local artists. The station will cover news, Wyoming election returns, regional and national press, as well as local programming.

The 60th Bondurant Barbecue was held last Saturday at the St. Hubert the Hunter chapel with over 500 people attending for great food and good times. Money raised by the barbecue goes towards the Bondurant Community Club to help maintain the church and library buildings.

Meet Me on the Green!
Parade 10 am, Rendezvous Pageant 1 pm, Saturday!
Michael Terry programs throughout the weekend

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