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Fremont Lake

Fremont Lake


Water Skiing

Fremont Lake
Bridger-Teton National Forest

Fremont Lake is the second largest natural lake in Wyoming. Located just four miles from Pinedale, this lake is eleven miles long and ½ mile wide. This pristine mountain lake offers a variety of recreation opportunities including boating and sailing, water skiing, fishing, camping and more. Most of the lake is within the Bridger-Teton National Forest, consequently, most of the shoreline is undeveloped and in its natural setting at the base of the Wind River Mountains.

The usual season of operation is the end of May to September 10th. There are 54 individual camp units at the main campground. Campsites can be reserved in advance online through ReserveUSA, See the reservation website for this year's fees, advance reservation requirements and cancellation policy. A Campground Host is at the campground during the summer who can answer questions about the area.

Reservations must be made at least 4 days in advance. There is no electricity/water/sewer site hook-ups at this campground. ATV's or ORV's allowed on designated trails only, located further up the Fremont Lake/Skyline Drive road. Water faucets are available at various locations in the campground. Parking vehicles or campers on any portion of the campground roadways is not allowed. Please park vehicles and campers completely within the parking pad provided at each site. All equipment must fit on the site pad. Vehicles park in developed areas only. No extra vehicles are allowed.


  • Boat Launch Ramp
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Garbage Service
  • Photography
  • Sightseeing
  • Swimming
  • Wildlife Viewing

Fremont Lake was created thousands of years ago when glacial ice deposited a moraine at the lower end, trapping the mountain waters. The lake is over 600 feet deep at its deepest point, and it was named after John C. Fremont, who surveyed the area in 1842 while mapping the Oregon Trail.

Fremont Lake is Pinedale’s water supply and the drainage is designated a municipal watershed where special restrictions apply for those recreating in the area. The lake sits on land managed by the Bridger-Teton National Forest. A few summer homes exist on the lower end of the lake, however most of the shoreline is undeveloped. The only commercial facility is Lakeside Lodge Resort and Marina which operates under permit of the Forest Service. There are two public boat ramps on the lake and one developed National Forest campground managed by the Pinedale Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Access to the lower end of Fremont Lake is paved roadway, seven miles from Pinedale. Watch for potholes and wildlife along the way. The road typically opens sometime in May after the snow melts. The Campground is typically open mid-June to mid-September. Access depends on weather conditions for the road and campground/trailhead/boat launch area. The nearest full-service community is Pinedale, 4 miles from the lower end of the lake. The Pinedale Ranger District recommends calling them for current conditions at 307-367-4326. Maps and information are available at sporting goods stores in Pinedale.

Fremont Lake is a favorite destination for those with sailing boats and for fishing and waterskiing. Boats up to 35 feet can launch from the Lower Boat Dock when water depths are normal. Kayakers, canoeists and windsurfers also enjoy the lake. Mornings tend to be calm on the lake, with winds picking up in the afternoon and afternoon thunderstorms common in the summer. Afternoon winds tend to come from the west and waves with whitecaps are not uncommon. Boaters should watch carefully for rocks that can sit in shallow water some distance from shore. Boater should not dispose black or grey water in the lake. Bring enough safety equipment and floatation devices for all the members of your group on board.

Fremont Lake contains populations of lake, rainbow and brown trout and some kokanee salmon. The Pinedale Boat Club and Lakeside Lodge host summer and winter fishing derbies throughout the year. Current information about boating and fishing regulations, lake conditions and campground availability is available from the Pinedale Ranger District Forest Service office in Pinedale. Always bring safety and first aid equipment with you and wear a life vest when you are on the water.

Developed Campgrounds: There is one developed National Forest campground near the lower end of Fremont Lake, accessed by a level, paved road. Fremont Lake Campground has drinking water, trash disposal and a number of large RV pull-through campsites. Vault toilets are located at developed recreation areas around the lake. There are no showers, electricity or phones at the campground. The Upper Fremont Lake Campground is accessible only by boat.
Boat Ramps: There are two public and two private boat ramps on Fremont Lake. The Lower Boat Ramp is located on the lower end of Fremont Lake. Boats up to 35 feet can launch from the Lower Boat Dock when water depths are normal. The second public boat ramp is at the Fremont Lake campground. Small boat launches are also located at Lakeside Lodge and at the Fremont Lake summer homes, which can accommodate canoes and small boats.
Sandy Beach Day Use Area: The Pinedale Ranger District manages Sandy Beach day-use area on the lower end of the lake. This little gathering area is centered around a natural sandy beach on the lakeshore. This recreation area has restrooms, volleyball net poles and an adjacent picnic area. Children enjoy building sandcastles in the sand and swimming in the clear blue water. Note that no dogs are allowed on Sandy Beach.

Dispersed Recreation: The Fremont Lake shore is the result of ancient glacial moraines that deposited many large boulders throughout the landscape. Dispersed camping opportunities can be found, but are quite scattered along the lower and southeastern side of the lower lake. Better places for dispersed camping are located further up Fremont Lake Road/Skyline Drive, past the turnoff for Half Moon Lake Resort. Because the lake is the water supply for the town of Pinedale, special camping distance regulations are in place. Dispersed camps must be more than 200 feet of the lakeshore or any water source that drains into the lake. Pet owners must clean up dog’s waste. Visitors should use onsite toilets or bury human waste more than 200 feet from water sources. Horses are not advisable near Fremont Lake due to the rocky terrain. There are no corrals and few trails appropriate for riding.

Most of the shoreline around Fremont Lake is undeveloped with lots of room to roam. There are many game trails around the lake, but no designated hiking trails. The northwestern side is a lateral glacial moraine in mostly open, grassy slopes with many boulders strewn across the land. The southeastern shore of the lake is a mixture of open, rolling sagebrush-covered hills with aspen groves dotting the shoreline. Large boulders are strewn about here too. Closer towards the mountains, the lakeshore terrain steepens and the vegetation transitions into conifer forest mixed with aspens. Game trails are plentiful through the area. Deer, moose, elk and cattle range the nearby sidehills.

Lakeside Lodge Resort and Marina is located on the lower end of Fremont Lake. They offer food, motel and cabin room, RV camping and a private boat launch. For information about Lakeside Lodge, visit

The CCC Ponds are located at the south end of Fremont Lake, at the end of a short dirt road. The CCC Ponds are a series of wetland areas created for a fish and wildlife habitat interpretive area. There is a large parking lot with a near-by handicapped-accessible vault toilet. There are paved and unpaved bike/walking paths and benches along the paths. Many species of wildlife can be observed in the area. A developed walking/bike bike path loops from the parking area to the Pinedale cemetery on Fremont Lake Road.  In June, Kids' Fishing Day takes place at the CCC Ponds This event is sponsored by local government agencies and Trout Unlimited to teach kids proper fishing techniques, fish biology and fishing ethics. The CCC Ponds also serve as an "outdoor classroom" for local science teachers, who arrange field trips so students can grasp basic theories of wetland habitat management.

Fishing derbies are scheduled both summer and winter on Fremont Lake, hosted by the Pinedale Boat Club. The Fremont Lake Sailing Regatta is held each August, hosted by the Pinedale Boat Club

Fremont Lake freezes over with several feet of ice each winter, making the entire 11 miles of surface area accessible to ice fishermen, snowmobilers, cross-country skiers and skaters. This is a "use at your own risk" activity, and anyone going out on the frozen lake surface should make sure the ice is thick enough and solid to be crossed safely. A parking/turnaround area is cleared of snow at a fork in the access road, not far from where it leaves Fremont Lake Road. The left fork of the access road is plowed to the Lower Boat Dock on the south end of the lake. Fremont Lake Campground is closed in the winter. Camping is now allowed on the ice.

Both grizzly bears and black bears inhabit the mountains and forests around Fremont Lake. It is not unheard of to have a bear come into a developed campground, but it is not common. Fremont Lake Campground has bear proof storage containers. It is important for campers to be "bear aware" and keep a clean camp at all times. Food and garbage are required to be stored where it is impossible for a bear to reach, such as in a closed vehicle. Local Forest Service offices have pamphlets and information handouts on how to camp in bear country.

Pets must be kept under control at all times. It is the obligation of dog owners to keep their pet under control at all times to avoid injury to horses, riders, hikers and other forest visitors. Dog owners are asked to be considerate of others and not leave pet waste on trails or in campsites.

To reach Fremont Lake, take Fremont Lake Road just east of Faler's General Store. At 2.5 miles, you will reach an overlook with an historical marker and great view of the lake. At 3.2 miles, a sign will direct you to turn left for Fremont Lake. After you turn onto this access road, there is a fork with signs pointing the way to the campground, Sandy Beach, CCC Ponds and other features.

Other Considerations:

ELEVATION: This is HIGH ELEVATION RECREATION, and your physical performance may be affected if you are not acclimated. Be sure to take it easy and drink extra FLUIDS. If you do start to notice shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches or dizziness, get to a lower elevation as quickly as possible. Please be aware that natural water sources may contain Giardia lamblia or other bacteria. A fine filter (0.2 microns or less) is recommended for all water you use. Water from campground hydrants is regularly tested by the Wyoming State Health Department.

WEATHER: Afternoon thunderstorms and rain showers are common in the summer and can build quickly. While summer days may be warm, nights are generally cool. Bring warm clothing. Also, bring and use SUNSCREEN! At this high elevation sunlight is more intense than you may be used to and serious sunburns can happen quite quickly.

TRIP ITINERARIES: If you wish to file your trip itinerary with someone, contact the Sublette County Sheriff's Office at 307-367-4378, rather than the Pinedale Ranger District. Forms are available at the Ranger District office. In emergencies, or for Search & Rescue, call the Sheriff's Office 24 hours a day.

Businesses & Services

Bridger-Teton National Forest
Pinedale Ranger District
29 E. Fremont Lake Road
PO Box 220
Pinedale, WY 82941
(307) 367-4326

Sublette County Visitor Center
PO Box 176
Pinedale, WY 82941
888-285-7282 (Toll Free)

C=Camping, P=Picnicking, B=Boating, BL=Boat Launching
DW=Drinking Water, F=Fishing, H=Hunting, S=Swimming, T=Trailers
PC=Public Corrals, WA=Wilderness Access

Some campground units can be reserved in advance through ReserveUSA,

Recreation Area


Services Elevation Miles from nearest town Days Limit # of Units
Other Info
Upper Fremont Lake


C, P, F, H, S, B


16 miles to Pinedale


10 day limit

5 Units/


Access by boat or trail-no road access. Low use, primitive campground with 5 sites located among dense pines at the Pine Creek inlet of Fremont Lake. Facilities are limited. No drinking water available. Boat access is limited when water levels are low. Campground is not accessible to people with physical challenges.

Trails End (Elkhart)


C, P, DW, T, H


16 miles to Pinedale

Paved road

10 day limit

8 Units/

Paved road access - Bridger Wilderness entrance

20' trailer maximum

Fremont Lake (Campground & Boat Ramp)


C, P, DW, BL, T, F, S, B


7 miles to Pinedale

Paved road

10 day limit

53 Units/

Reservation sites available.
Paved road access.
Handicap access:
6 barrier-free sites and 2 handicap accessible restrooms
Sandy Beach Picnic Area


P, T, F, S


5 miles to Pinedale

Paved road

1 day limit

1 Unit/

Day use, paved access.
Reservation sites available.

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