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Rock Climbing
in the Pinedale, Wyoming area

The Rockies of western Wyoming offer all levels of rock climbing challenges, from simple bouldering along the lower ridges to extended assaults on high mountain peaks! The Cirque of the Towers, located in the Big Sandy area at the south end of the Wind River Range, is perhaps the best known in the state. Lizard's Head, Shark's Nose and the Watchtower offer a variety of 5.8 to 5.10 pitches.

Beginning climbers can try their skill at bouldering along the high benches for a day of good hard climbing. Beginners can also practice the art of climbing in the area of the upper Fremont Lake Campground, northeast of Pinedale. Mulligan Park, 14 miles up Skyline Drive, is a group of large rock overhangs immediately opposite the lake overlook past the ski turnoff.

You can get more information and guide books from our local sporting good stores and bookstore. Visit the Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory and our Business page for contact names and addresses.

Todd Skinner, World Class Rock Climber, in the Meadow Lake area.
Editor's Note, 10/24/06:
Click here for story on Todd Skinner's death

Todd Skinner, World Class Rock Climber

Paul Piana, World Class
Rock Climber

Paul Piana, World Class Rock Climber

Students learn how to climb safely in a
rock climbing class at Meadow Lake.

Photo Credits: Darcy Skinner. Copyright, 1997.
May not be used without permission.

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