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Yellowstone National Park

Western Wyoming area travel map A. Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

B. National Elk Refuge, Jackson Hole & Jackson

C. Hoback Junction & The Rim

D. Daniel, Big Piney & South

E. Pinedale Area

F. The Mesa & Wind River Mountain Range

G. Farson, Eden & Boulder

H. South Pass, Historic Wagon Trails

I. Big Sandy Recreation Area

J. Killpecker Sand Dunes

K. Rock Springs

L. Seedskadee Wildlife Refuge

M. Fossil Butte National Monument

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Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks- Spectacular mountain scenery, wildlife...

National Elk Refuge & Jackson Hole - Wildlife Museum, Elk, Jackson, shopping...

Hoback Junction & The Rim - Pretty scenery, camping, "stinky springs"...

Daniel, Big Piney & South - Old Fort Bonneville, Green River Valley Museum, Names Hill, Seedskadee Wildlife Refuge, Fossil Butte National Monument... While you're in Marbleton, be sure to stop at The First Real 100% MADE IN WYOMING General Store located next to the Marbleton Town Hall at the SE corner of Hwy 189 and 3rd St! Everything is hand-made and 100% made in Wyoming! You'll find lots of great gift ideas including jewelry, leather goods, furniture, clothing, paintings, pottery, and much more!

Pinedale Area - Green River Rendezvous, Museum of the Mountain Man, Wind River Mountains, Rodeos, Scenic Drives...

The Mesa & Wind River Mountain Range - Wild horses, elk herds, Mountain Man country, antelope...

Farson, Eden & Boulder - These three small towns are located on US Hwy 191 between Rock Springs and Pinedale. Each has gas services and make good rest stops. Campsites are available in Farson. Farson is located at the junction of Wyoming 28 & US 191, and is the junction for South Pass Historical Site. Don't miss stopping at the Farson General Store for their famous ice cream!

South Pass, Historic Wagon Trails - Historic Site, old wagon trails, gold mine...

Big Sandy Recreation Area - Camping, boating, recreation facilities...

Killpecker Sand Dunes - One of the largest active sand dunes in North America. Dunes, up to 150 feet high, constantly change as winds blow sand eastward. The name comes from Killpecker Creek, colorfully named by the U.S. Calvary in the 1860s because of the mineral-rich water's effect on the troops...

Rock Springs - Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area Rock Springs is located 100 miles south of Pinedale on Interstate 80. Here you'll find fast food restaurants, malls, and other services. If you like antique stores, this is a good place to browse! Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is located just south of Rock Springs and crosses into Utah. The lake stretches over 90 miles and offers visitors 375 miles of shoreline, ranging from flat and welcoming to rough and foreboding. Jutting up to 1,500 feet high in some places, colorful rock layers are a photographer's delight. The area also has ancient Indian petroglyphs and fossils. Fort Bridger State Historic Site, located not far from Rock Springs, was established in 1843 as an emigrant supply stop for travelers in the great western migration. It became a military outpost in 1858 and was vital to the Pony Express and Overland stage routes. This site has many restored buildings, a museum, and self-guided tour. Good place to take the kids.

Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge - Important habitat for hundreds of species of birds, other animals and plants.

Fossil Butte National Monument - Fossil Lake, which existed for over 2 million years, left deposits here. Considered among the most perfectly preserved remains of ancient animal life in the world, remarkable for detail. Fossils of over 100 varieties of insects and many types of plants have been found here.

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